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How do I print in Gorgas Library?

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2015  |  292 Views

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To print, you must have your ACTcard or Community User Card, with BamaCash available on it. Log on to any of the library computers & open/create the document. Select the file to print & from the print menu, choose "Gorgas 1st floor -- Black" for black & white (which costs $0.05 per page), or "Gorgas -- Color" for color ($0.15 per page). After selecting "Print", you will be prompted to enter your name into a grey dialog box. Your print job will be sent to the corresponding printer.

There are 4 Black & White printers located on the 1st floor of Gorgas (one is located near the Information Desk & 3 are located in the large computer room through the columns -- you can choose any of these four to print from), and one color printer (which is located tot he left of the main elevators by the Digital Humanities room).

At the printer, swipe your ACTcard, choose the print job you named, and select "Print". Please remember to select "Logout" on the printer release station after choosing your print job.

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